Code: Out

We are sick of the repeating cycle of imprisonment and women being lost to the prison system. We have decided to come together to do something about it. We are going to teaching women in Georgia’s prisons systems how to code in order to:

– Give women a pathway to gainful employment regardless of criminal history
– Ensure gainful employment supplies sustainable wages for them & their families
– Reduce the risk of recidivism for the women AND their children

We call this organization Code: Out. We’re doing this now because of the market in Atlanta is desperate for new talent. The market in the tech industry is ripe for new forms of diversity and in need of new perspectives on creative ideas. These are the type of people the tech industry needs and these are the kinds of jobs past inmates can achieve.

To do this we need your help. Donations matter – and every bit counts. Donate now.

Our Mission

Our mission is to provide women with the resources necessary to live flourishing lives outside of prison. We do this through three simple steps:

  • Education – coding classes inside and outside of prison
  • Social Support – creating safe space upon released, like skills tutoring & housing
  • Job Training – providing seamless hiring practices for each woman who graduates our program


The movement: Why nonprofits started by millennials are the best idea ever.

Getting something started is never easy. Figuring out how to get it going is even harder. Doing it in the midst of a gig economy while you already have three part time jobs is insane. Realizing you have no idea what you’re doing and doing it anyway? Scary. As. Hell. Yet, I’ve come to realize …

Getting Started

Code/Out started as a dream which was created out of necessity. I needed a job, and I wanted one that allowed me to create change in people’s lives for the better. After participating in some social justice processes – death penalty reform and victim/offender mediation (you can read on that process HERE) – I realized …